Mental Health Awareness Week

Support worker wellbeing to create a safe workplace

With Mental Health Awareness Week  took place in September 2022. It’s a great reminder to check in with your employees about their wellbeing, particularly those that might be off work due to injury.

ACC research shows that helping an injured employee stay connected to their workplace is good for their physical and mental recovery. It encourages social interaction, routine, and a sense of purpose, which all contribute to a better recovery.  ACC has created some useful resources to help you understand your role in recovery at work and start the conversation with your injured team members. Visit the ACC website to view the resources.  

When an employee is recovering from an injury, any mental health issues they may be experiencing could be a contributing factor to prolonged time out of the workplace.  For most people with straightforward injuries, work should be a key part of their rehabilitation after an injury. Supporting your employees to recover at work makes good business sense: 

  • by playing an early and active role in their recovery, you’ll be helping them recover better and get back to their job sooner 
  • you’re more likely to retain their skills and knowledge – the longer a person spends off work due to injury, the less likely they are to return to their job 
  • your whole team will see the benefits of supporting an injured colleague back to work, boosting team morale and helping build a positive workplace culture

Preventing injuries from happening in the first place is also critical to ensure your workers go home to their whānau at the end of every day. Physical injury and mental health are closely linked.   

Mental health issues can be present: 

  • Before a physical injury  
  • As a result, or alongside a physical injury 
  • After an extended period on weekly compensation 

Employees that are under stress at work or have mental health issues are more likely to get injured. As a result, ACC has partnered and invested with organisations such as the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, Mentemia and Farmstrong, that all have a common purpose of helping employers work towards having a mentally well workforce with the aim to prevent injuries happening at work and keep their people safe. 

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