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Research Association New Zealand (RANZ) is the only industry body dedicated to professional providers and users of research, data and insights. The Research Association New Zealand brand is a trust-mark for clients, employers, colleagues and other industries and indicates that the bearer is a member of an expert community, which upholds the highest professional and ethical standards.

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The RAEAWARDS cocktail event will be held at FISH at the Hilton on Friday 9th April 2021.

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Recommendation from RANZ for face to face research for Alert Level 2.


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Advance NZPP

The most recent political poll published in New Zealand is the One News Colman Brunton Poll. Colmar Brunton is a member of the Research Association of New Zealand and abides by the NZ Political Polling Code which is overseen by RANZ.

Yesterday's Colmar Brunton poll included the Advance New Zealand Public Party. See the One News publication of that poll here ( showing Advance at 1%. 

There is always a lot of polling news at election time and news organisations choose what to include in items about those polls. Those choices are out of the hands of the polling companies.

RANZ Board. 29 September 2020.

Political Polling Code

NOTE: Research Association New Zealand is a professional organisation for people working in the research and insights industry, as such we DO NOT UNDERTAKE ANY POLITICAL POLLING.

The recently updated Political Polling Code provides rules for RANZ member organisations who conduct and report on political polls, plus best practice guidelines for those publishing stories on poll results.

The Code review was conducted by a team of polling experts and takes into account technology changes in data collection and reporting methodologies since it was first introduced in 2014.


Find further information and guidelines HERE

Rogue results or Rogue events?

Political polls get media attention 
31 July 2020

Article by RANZ polling spokeperson Murray Campbell.

The lead up to any election is always characterised by unscripted moments, own goals and the occasional red card. The 2020 election season has been particularly dramatic, especially for the National Party. The ever-changing political landscape making it hard for the voting public and the pollsters to keep up with what’s coming next.

Read the latest HERE

Click HERE to hear Murray Campbell's RNZ interview on 30 July 2020.

RANZ strengthens ties with The Research Society

RANZ is excited to announce that we have signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with The Research Society in Australia (previously AMSRS). This partnership cements a long- standing informal relationship between the two organisations.

We believe there will be some great benefits to RANZ members, including better access to a range of professional development resources, workshops, The Research Society conferences and other events at special member rates. You can read our News Release here and we recommend you also visit The Research Society’s new website.


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Joining a RANZ HUB is a great way to meet people with similar career interests.

HUBs that would welcome new members include the MarComms team and Learning and Development. Also, lookout for the Insights Inside Hub starting soon!

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RANZ Code of Practice

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As a RANZ member, you have access to Asia Pacific Research Committee (APRC) and Global Resource Business Network (GRBN) resources.

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RANZ members are eligible to get the Qualified Professional Researcher (QPR) accreditation.

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