18 & 19 MARCH 2024

Tuesday 19 March: Futures Thinking Masterclass and Building Research Thinking Capabilities Workshop

Futures Thinking Masterclass with Futurist Dave Wild


This Futurist Masterclass equips participants with practical tools and inspirational insights to shift and adapt in uncertain changeable environments

Are you prepared for a new future that’s already arrived?

Gain the expertise to guide your team and organisation through uncertain and turbulent times, equipped to face challenges and new opportunities ahead.

Leveraged by leading global organisations and governments, Futures Thinking plays a crucial role in shaping strategy development. This masterclass equips you to design the desired future for both yourself and your organisation, while managing the current demands of the business landscape.

In times past… like just yesterday… AI meant Artificial Intelligence. Until we remembered that artificial means fake. Not natural. Invoking feelings of fear and mistrust.

So we evolved the meaning of AI. Augmented Intelligence. Reframing from people vs robots, to people with robots.

Soon that will no longer be enough. Collectively we’ll realise that along with making the machines smarter, we also need to make ourselves more intelligent. More aware. More understanding. More capable.

How? You’ve heard the word with increasing frequency. Adaptation.

The new AI. Your AI. Adaptive Intelligence.

Makes sense? You’re already adapting. Doesn’t sound right? It might be time to adapt. Intelligently. After all, our future depends on it.

Ready to Transform the Future?

    This Masterclass equips participants with key components of futures thinking methods.

    Upgrade fixed mindsets to a growth Mindleap for the future, to strategically adapt to fast-evolving expectations in uncertain environments.

    Clarify the big picture while collaboratively inspiring greater outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

This Futures Thinking Masterclass develops your strategic capabilities across four pivotal dimensions:

    Progressing forward with Visionary and Strategic frameworks

    Leveraging resources with Inclusive and Digital capabilities

    Expanding opportunities with Collaborative and Innovative methods

    Actioning change with Adaptive and Impactful outcomes

Meet Your Futurist Guide

Internationally renowned Futurist Dave Wild is a world-leading expert in developing Futurework skills. Living on the edge of the world in Aotearoa New Zealand, he equips leaders and teams across the globe to create a greater future for their organisations, customers and society including:

    Visioning with the digital government leaders of the United Kingdom, South Korea, Estonia and New Zealand.

    Coaching digital and innovation leadership labs across sectors including social development, environmental, finance and technology.

    Facilitating the NZ Prime Minister’s business advisory council to explore the future of work.

    Delivering futurist keynote presentations on stages and screens across the world from Sydney to South Auckland to San Francisco.

Through this work with a diverse range of leaders and teams across all levels, Dave has built deep expertise in the change-ready skills needed to boldly lead into an inspiring future.

Futurework Guidebook

Dave Wild is the author of Futurework – A Guidebook for The Future of Work

As part of this Masterclass you will be guided in developing your futures thinking skills with worksheets and a copy of the Futures Thinking Masterclass presentation.

Futurework the book extends these skills even further with leadership case studies and a reference toolkit. The book is available to order separately in print and Kindle formats via Amazon at amzn.asia/d/4TwrBMH

Building Research Thinking Capabilities Workshop with Sue York


What does it mean to be a researcher in the age of AI?

Being a successful researcher in the age of AI will depend on the value you bring to organisations. Your value will depend on your ability to provide solutions to problems and challenges using research thinking skills that go beyond simply using methods and tools.

Research thinking is the ability to understand a problem, identify possible solutions, and deliver effective outcomes. Research thinking comprises three elements:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of research
  • Making sense of data, analysis and findings
  • The ability to fit research into the wider context of the problem and/or organisation.

In this half-day workshop you will learn how you can use Research Thinking to:

  • Scope and define problems and questions.
  • Develop approaches that help answer these questions.
  • Make sense of data and findings to provide solutions and deliver outcomes and
  • Understand how AI is changing these processes.


Sue is passionate about helping people develop the research skills they will need for a bright future and enjoys working at the intersection of research and learning as the Head of Training and Development for the Research Society in Australia.

Sue has a long history of being interested in the future of research and applying new technology to research to create better outcomes. She is one of the founders of NewMR and is a co-author of “The Handbook of Mobile Market Research” and co-editor and curator of the ESOMAR book, “Answers to Contemporary Market Research Questions” and author of numerous papers, articles, presentations, and webinars.

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