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Colmar Brunton, the Collaborative Trust and Classification Office Te Mana Whakaatu

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Colmar Brunton, the Collaborative Trust and Classification Office Te Mana Whakaatu
Breaking the taboo on youth and porn

“Take care of our children. Take care of what they hear, take care of what they see, take care of what they feel. For how our children grow, so will be the shape of Aotearoa” – Dame Whina Cooper

They found a way through careful design and execution and thoughtful engagement across multiple stakeholders to tackle this the taboo and help make a difference for generations to come. Generating global exposure this research is already a case study that will have a far-reaching impact.


Colmar Brunton and Frucor Suntory
Unlocking the Magic Recipe - Translating consumer sensory preferences into a technical R&D brief, leading to the creation of the successful Just Juice Pulp’d range.

Sensory Research is critical for many consumer goods brands and their innovation efforts – it is hard to innovate around sensory research however Colmar and Brunton in this study have taken the internal engagement and the creative presentation to a whole other level. This study looks set to have a lasting impact on Frucor, how it goes about sensory and its likely success.


Ipsos and Trustpower
Welcome to the Bundle - Trustpower’s journey from utility provider to household solutions supplier

This epic 8 - year partnership journey has not only been successful in a hugely challenging energy market, but it continues to go from strength to strength based on mutual respect and understanding. They did not get everything right the first time but stayed focused, committed, open to change and are systematically improving Trustpower’s customer centricity and market results.



AA Insurance nominated by Colmar Brunton

The judges were given a real sense that the whole business had embraced insights as part of their core purpose to “be there for New Zealanders”.  Insights had shifted from being ‘research’ that informs direction, to insights that championed the strategic direction and ambition of the business and unified everyone in the organisation to fulfil their purpose.

The diverse and pervasive presence of the insights team across the whole business is testament to this success. It feels like all parts of the business are proud of, and value the work of, the insights team.


Research New Zealand and New Zealand Mountain Safety Council
Tramping safety videos save lives

This entry clearly demonstrated how well executed insights can have a significant positive impact on the behaviours of often hard to reach audiences when coupled with carefully planned, multi-channel, engaging communications.

The insights led to effective communication and deeper stakeholder engagement, providing real utility for their industry, peers, partners and the public.  They also demonstrated clear examples of their success i.e. reduced fatalities from duck shooting to zero for first time in 16 years.


Winner: Hanrie Le Roux of Ipsos

Finalist: Daniel Brownie of Colmar Brunton

Finalist: Emma Appleton of Colmar Brunton

This year's recipient of the Qualtrics Young Researcher of the Year award impressed the judges with their passion, pragmatism and proactive approach to understanding their work, client issues, and the commercial and practical issues involved with delivering effective insight programmes.  They have ensured that all stakeholders fully understand projects and have shown them how to get the best out of an insights programme.  They demonstrated a clear commitment to on-going learning and to sharing this learning with a wide range of people.  They left the judges with a clear sense that they have found an industry that will continue to challenge and interest them for many years to come. 


COVID-19: Consumer Impact Monitor - A Covid monitor like no other

This year there was one entry that did not fit neatly anywhere but which the Judge’s felt was worthy of a Special Award.

Solving for how to look after all their clients Covid-19 related research needs best FiftyFive 5 went large. They all needed as close to real time information as possible, they had a lot of common information needs and yet all had some specific needs as well. CCIM ended up with over 27 category specific questionnaires and was syndicated to 32 clients large and small. Huge in terms of ambition, scope and impact this was a brave and impressive Research Agency Response to Covid-19 that really made a difference for FiftyFive5 and its clients.


Platinum: Perceptive and Xero
Data drives Xero's global understanding—and a 19% subscriber lift

A global brand health research framework and aggregator across nine key markets. Robust enough to drive global decisions and flexible enough to provide local teams with the insights that they need. This entry is impressive for its scale, rigour in design and implementation and the results that it is clearly helping to drive for Xero.

Gold: Ipsos and ASB
Driving the Change: facilitating the transition from C-Sat to NPS for ASB Business division

Getting down to the root causes of things like Customer Advocacy and Price Satisfaction helped drive widespread change in the way the ASB thinks about and organises to create solutions for small business customers. Drawing on previous research and incorporated in their existing VOC platform to track progress the ASB is pleased with their results and the driver framework approach is now being applied to other parts of the business.

Gold: Kantar, Xero and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
Small business wellbeing

Simple robust research incorporating iterative “Design Thinking Methodologies” applied to a difficult to get to but critical topic like “Mentally health for small businesses”. This study helped arm both Xero and The Mental Health Foundation to champion changes required for small businesses.


Platinum: Yabble and McDonalds New Zealand
Segmenting for growth

Looking for a bigger slice of the informal eating market, McDonalds wanted to broaden their perspective of competitors and create a new segmentation model to accelerate their growth. This is no easy feat in a highly analytic global company. They wanted it to live in data and be an active agent for change throughout their organisation. Drawing on multiple big data sources as a starting point and drawing on Yabble’s experience to combine qualitative and quantitative data in one platform the new segmentation was bold, innovative, well executed and well presented. It was clearly well adopted driving significant ongoing change and impressive results in a challenging time.

Platinum: Colmar Brunton and Frucor Suntory
Unlocking the Magic Recipe
- Translating consumer sensory preferences into a technical R&D brief,
leading to the creation of the successful Just Juice Pulp’d range

This impressive sensory research project really caught many of the judge’s attention because of the clarity of the results and translation into materials to guide new product development and product formulation. While the results were impressive this study will clearly have an ongoing impact in Frucor, their NPD processes and many future projects.

(No Gold)


(No Platinum)

Gold: Yabble and Foodstuffs New Zealand
Keeping New Zealanders safe, supported and nourished during COVID-19 lockdowns

When a pandemic strikes and over half the country is relying on you to respond to their rapidly changing shopping needs as well as legislative changes – that’s when having a good insights team, partners and capabilities can really make a difference.

Foodstuffs was able to read and anticipate customer concerns and shopping behaviours and provide actionable insights to store owners nationally to support their local communities in the best way possible.

The speed and agility with which Foodstuffs and Yabble responded, and the range of initiatives that they were able to deliver in a timely manner was impressive and clearly helped many New Zealander’s feel safer, supported, and nourished.

Gold: Ipsos and Trustpower
Welcome to the Bundle - Trustpower’s journey from utility provider to household solutions supplier

An epic 8-year journey of ups and downs as Trustpower evolves and continues to learn about bundling household solutions. Impacting every part of the organisation and all its touchpoints and customer experiences the insights and Voice of Customer programmes and capabilities continue to evolve and improve and the market results continue to impress.

Gold: Perceptive and Contact Energy
Putting energy where it matters: a journey to customer first

From 2016 to today Perceptive has been helping Contact Energy to become more customer centric, systematically putting the building blocks to better understand and apply customer intelligence. The commitment to customer first thinking and the results achieved to date are noteworthy.


Platinum: Colmar Brunton and AA Insurance
Building trust and supporting customers through Covid-19 and beyond

In times of need, brands need to step up and be counted on. AA Insurance did just that by finding the fine line between the right support offering for its distressed customers and risk of reputational damage if they got the execution wrong. AA Insurance should be given full marks for its transparency around the drivers behind the project and how they were able to make a ‘social good’ initiative commercially viable. The results are showing a long positive mutual impact on employees and customers alike and will foster brand loyalty.

Gold: Ipsos and ASB
ASB - Advocating for change

This project showed a high degree of difficulty redesigning and changing an embedded Voice of Customer tool. The outcomes repositioned the view and engagement of customers and created a culture shift at ASB. The success of this project was due to the highly collaborative partnership between ASB and their research partner IPSOS.


Platinum: Perceptive and Burger King
From trickle to stream - How Burger King grew their app revenue by over 90%

Tapping the wealth of information captured about their Mobile App users required adding other data and a lot of modelling and workshopping to get to the rich data and actionable insights but the results were clearly worth it. A great example of a research agency contributing at a strategic and operational level improving organisational capabilities and outcomes.

(No Gold)


Platinum: Colmar Brunton, the Collaborative Trust and Classification Office Te Mana Whakaatu
Breaking the taboo on youth and porn

Tackling a very difficult and sensitive subject in an empathetic way. The research design, implementation and stakeholder engagement were exceptional and resulted in world leading insights and outcomes. The communication across multiple stakeholder groups generated a raft of initiatives including the “keep it real” campaign which has attracted global attention and praise. This research has pathed the way for a lot of positive social change in New Zealand and overseas.

Gold: Kantar and the Electoral Commission
Driving voter engagement amongst disengaged groups

Voter engagement has long been a concern and the importance has been highlighted with recent international events. With this backdrop along with a global pandemic, Kantar and the Electoral Commission found a better way to engage with and understand hard to reach audiences and what was important to them. The results come election day were impressive and enabled a long-term blueprint for improved voter engagement.

Gold: Ipsos and The New Zealand Defence Force
A force for change

The methodology was innovative and targeted, augmenting traditional panel sampling with mobile in-app sampling. The findings were confronting with several “Aha” moments for the client and their comms partners, requiring thoughtful presentation and internal engagement to get to the right outcomes. The new strategies and campaign resulted in record recruitment in a tightening employment market and has acted as a catalyst for further change throughout the NZDF.


(No Platinum)

Gold: Sky New Zealand
Sky and Discovery Network– a renewed customer centric approach

This internal only project leveraged Sky’s insights and data resources to deliver a big outcome for the company while improving its customer offerings. They have undoubtedly elevated the customers voice at the decision and partnership table and in the process created enduring methodology for future content decisions and deals.

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