18 & 19 MARCH 2024

Call for Speakers 

We’ve set the theme for our next conference and we’re working on a venue… All we need now is the content!  

This time we're hosting our APRC (Asia Pacific Research Committee) colleagues from around the region in a joint event. That'll add a guaranteed international flavour to the Conference.

At our previous conference in 2022, we asked… "AI in Insights: Friend or Foe?”. We had a feeling at the time that change was coming. We had no idea just how suddenly that change would happen. 

This year's theme aims to get us thinking about the future of “us", the humans in the story. As large language models like ChatGPT rapidly weave their way into the insights industry, how will our role evolve? What are we doing now that we soon won’t need to do? What will we soon be compelled to do that we haven’t even considered yet? 

Let’s explore the human element in an increasingly machine-driven insights world. As non-humans perform more and more creative tasks, what continues to set us apart? Is there anything enduringly unique about human intelligence, human creativity, and human empathy, or is the silicon coming for those qualities too? 

We invite scholars, industry professionals, and anyone intrigued by the intersection of technology and human insight to submit papers and to be part of this consequential conversation.  

Let’s get ahead of this curve and figure out what it means for human individuals and human companies alike…  

Before the Conference: Where are all the humans? 

After the conference: That’s where! 

Speaker submissions

Click HERE to submit your topic with a 300-word summary by 5pm Wednesday 15 November 2023.

Successful submissions will be notified by 30 November 2023 
Deadline for final paper submissions is 16 February 2024

Conference venue - Cordis, Auckland

Save the date!

Monday 18 March - Workshop and APRC Summit meeting

Tuesday 19 March - Conference, networking drinks and gala dinner

Sponsorship packages available - contact Ian Mills or Claire Lloyd

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