The 2020 Vision Project – Learnings from COVID-19

  • 26 Aug 2021
  • 6:00 PM
  • TBC, Auckland


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With Cole Armstrong, NeuroSpot, and Mark Finnegan, Clarity Insight.

We know things have changed in New Zealand as a result of COVID-19. But which things? And by how much? What will the experience mean for the attitudes and behaviours of everyday New Zealanders? Which habits have been disrupted? Which have been created? What are short-term reactions? And what may change long-term in the way we think and act?

The 2020 Vision project sought to answer those questions by following the stories of the same 30 New Zealanders over time.


Cole Armstrong - Managing Director, NeuroSpot

Cole Armstrong is the Founder and Director of NeuroSpot, a behavioural insights agency that provides deep insights into what users actually think and feel.

At NeuroSpot he conducts user research and behavioural design work to help organisations such as Countdown, Trustpower, AA Insurance and the Vodafone Warriors (and many others) better engage with the customers and users.

Cole has a background in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, culminating in several academic publications, and has worked across a range of commercial and public sector industries in NZ and around the world.

Mark Finnegan – Director, Clarity Insight

Mark Finnegan launched Clarity Insight in 2014 out of a desire to help clients achieve better business outcomes, through delivering actionable insight and superior client servicing.

Clarity Insight conducts a wide range of research – qualitative and quantitative – that has helped organisations such as Southern Cross, Meridian, Spark and St John build brands, enhance propositions and improve experiences.

Mark has over 20 years commercial experience and is passionate about demystifying complex research so more businesses can benefit from activating customer insights.

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