Insider Insights Hub

Get connected with other in-house research professionals

The Research Association of New Zealand (RANZ), is all about championing the insights genius that we know is alive and well in Aotearoa and that purpose has never been more important than it is today. Key to our mission is connecting special interest groups or ‘Hubs’ within and beyond our membership base. A Hub is a group that is aligned with our purpose and supports it by facilitating, networking, supporting the sharing of ideas, common problems, best practise, thought leadership and having some fun.

Some of our members have asked RANZ to support the creation of an Insider Insights Hub. This would be open to both RANZ and non-RANZ members who are research, insights or related (e.g. Voice of Customer) professionals working inside organisations, rather then in an external agency. RANZ's role will be to bring those who are interested together, and once the Hub is initiated, you will become your own self-facilitating group.

This means you will decide your Hub's branding and what activities it will get involved with, be it networking, sharing problems, thought leadership and/ or training and development. You will need to nominate a leader or spokesperson who will be your main contact with the RANZ Board.

RANZ facilitated the initial get together in February 2021 to connect interested professionals and agree the role of the Hub and how it will be run. RANZ will support the hub on an ongoing basis.

If you are interested in being part of the Insights Inside Hub you can email Claire. We also ask that you invite colleagues and friends who might also be interested in being a part of this Hub.

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